what is on-page SEO and how to get massive traffic from our website from Google organically

Friends, we have given you full introduction of such o on its first post, if you have not read that post, then definitely go and read that post, then come and read this post, which will make it very easy for you to understand, by this post we will be on If you know about what is On-Page SEO, then let us start this wonderful post today without any delay.

what is on page SEO

There are many factors depending on the on-page SEO like keyword researching, image Optimization, internal linking, external linking, outbound linking and many more

what is keyword researching

friend literally, I would say to you personally that when you can write any post then you can most and most research keyword perfectly because when you can get the best and cute magical keyword and then when you can write post throw keyword research then within some days you can rank on Google on top page because Google first preference keyword researching so in the on-page SEO first criteria are keyword researching

what is image Optimisation

it is the process in which you can optimize your image that is used on your blog post I personally recommended that you must use a small size image because when you can use small size image then your time loaded of your website is high then it is the increasing of the chance to rank your website on Google do you must do image Optimization

what is internal linking

it is the process in which you can link your other blog post with new blog post doesn't confuse I will se with example suppose you can write your blog post in tomorrow and then you can write your blog post today then you can most apply I your tomorrow blog post on your today block post this is known as internal linking do you must-do internal linking

what is external linking

it is the process which are come under on page SEO in the external linking you most do link on another website to your blog post suppose you can use keyword WhatsApp then you can most do external linking on your keyword  WhatsApp you can most link official key your WhatsApp website to your blocked page this is known as external linking

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