what is off-page SEO and how to get massive traffic from Google organically free from our website

off-page SEO is the type of SEO of white hat SEO in the off-page SEO there are many factors depending on the backlinks website too. And many more we are discussing off page SEO in details on this post so without delivery time we get lets started

in the Off Page SEO  the most and most important the part is backlinks without backlinks you can't rank on Google because of Google preference backlinks those listed have many more than Google preference this website and rank this website on the top page of the Google so you can do backlinks on your website in this post we can talk about details on backlinks that how to make backlinks and what is backlinks and many more

what is backlinks

it is the process in which you can link your website on other website don't worry I will say in in the very easy way you know that what is your website link ok then you can share your website link on the other website this is known as backlinks for example your website is www.example.com your website link you can say on www.xyz your website link you can share on other website link this is known as   backlink

Can backlink is important for Google ranking

yes backlink is most and most important for Google ranking because of Google preference backlinks fast those websites her more backlinks than Google was ranking this website on the top page of Google because in the Google algorithm Google what preference the first backlink when Google crawler go to your website then when he gets back then you are locally there your website is most and most ranking on the Google Top page so you must make backlinks more and more for your website it is helpful how to rank your website on Google at the top page

on the off page SEO the most important part is backlinks we will share the most and most important tricks to make backlinks you must make backlinks for your website and get ranking on your website at the top page of the Google thank you

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