what is affiliate marketing and how to earn money from affiliate marketing from home

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What is affiliate marketing?

Before we make money from affiliate marketing, we must know that affiliate marketing is whether we can make a lot of money from affiliate marketing at home, then friends activated marketing is a process that e-commerce website like Amazon Flipkart eBay website affiliate In marketing, everyone has to do this, you have to produce the products of those companies. It is not sold, you have to register yourself in those websites and then you will be given your latched link there, then you understand, for example, if you want to send a mobile, then you can make an update link of that mobile and your You can share to friends so that when your friend takes that mobile from your application link, then you will get money if your price of that mobile is 10,000 then you will get 10% reduction Do not get a mobile from a half cell ₹ 2000 and should house sitting mobile cell and impressions you can remove just make failure even products as mobile as Amazon and Flipkart company and handsome commission.

How much money can be earned from affiliate marketing?

So friends, if I will tell you, you can earn unlimited money from affiliate marketing, then you will say that you are lying, you are not lying among friends, I am telling the truth, you can earn unlimited money from affiliate marketing as much as you can in the day. You will get commissions as soon as the products are sold by companies like Amazon Flipkart and your commission is always in your bank account. Will not come every month, every week and a friend of mine every day that you work on related marketing can be estimated earns five 1000000 month marketing is today joining them thanks.

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